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Our cat George has been missing 3 days and we feel the worst has happen. I really miss him.... Please come home George!

My Very First Entry Ever!!

So this is my very first entry and very first blog journal thingy. On my journal you can expect random posts. Warning I'm not a very good writer, but I have a lot to say. So if your looking for a professional, high end, literate journal to read then keep looking. If you want read a interesting ( I hope >.< ) journal about me then.. Yay!!  Now I guess I should talk about myself. Well my name is Snappy (You can me Snaps if you'd like) I live in Maryland and I am currently going into 11th grade. (Yep I'm old) My ethnic background is African American, Japanese ( Don't speak a word of it though), Native American and maybe a bit of Caucasian and Filipino. I have tan skin, short brown hair and dark brown eyes. What's next...Oh my interests. I love music, pretty much anything, but country though I do like some. Along with music I love to sing so I may post some videos of me on this journal. I sing in the Treble choir at school and this year I made it to our Chamber choir!! Woot Woot! I also love theatre and hope to make musical theatre my future. Some more things I enjoy are Anime and Manga. Ive been to two conventions (Katsucon and Otakon) so far with my wonderful boyfriend. For Otakon I tried out the lolita style and fell madly in love. Since I'm new to it I'm not completely comfortable walking around outside a con, but I do love it very much and will take steps to get there. Hmm....that's all I can think of for now...and my fingers are cramping because I type slow >.<. So see ya next journal.

~ Love Snappy 

(Am I aloud to say that?....>.>)



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